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I believe this link exchange will be good for search engine positioning as well as sharing a quality traffic between programmers.

Use this link exchange form to submit your URL to my links page. All requests will be reviewed quickly. Please provide the entire URL where we I can find your link to my website. Your request will be rejected, if you fail to provide a link to my site.

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My link-exchange policy requires you first to add my websites to your list and only then I can add yours. Here's all the necessary information for reciprocal links:

URL: http://www.eboris.com
Title: eBoris | Computer programmer and computer consultant specializing in custom software development.
Description: Internet services, web site design, web programming, software development, flash design.

URL: http://www.borisbord.com
Title: .Net Programmer B. Bord
Description: Computer programmer and computer consultant specializing in custom software development.

Internet Services
Internet Structure
Internet Other
Web Programming
Cascading Style Sheets
Tcl/Tk Programming
Journals and Magazines
Other PC-Related
Security Issues


Internet Security Policy: A Technical Guide
A detailed policy established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
Common security problems are discussed.
Department of Defense Computer Emergency Response Team.
The Twofish Encryption Algorithm
Bruce Schneier's article from Dr. Dobb's Journal on this possible replacement for DES.
Twofish: A New Block Cipher
The Twofish site sponsored by Counterpane.
The Happy Hacker
A site directed towards the promotion of "hackers" as the term was originally defined.
CIAC Security Web Site
The Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory Capability security site.
CERT Coordination Center
The Net Cops. Tons of useful Internet information.
Links to Cryptographic Software
Links to downloads for various encryption/decryption programs.
The National Security Agency's site for promoting Fortezza-enabled cryptographic tools and related Information Security devices.
CERT/CC Survivable Network Technology Home Page
Particulary check out Dr. John D. Howard's.
"An Analysis of Security Incidents on the Internet 1989-1995."

Trusted Product Evaluation Program
Military effort at program security evaluations. The site includes the DOD.
Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria

Computer Virus Myths Home Page
A well presented documentary and editorial site on virus hoaxes and their implications.
This Distributed Intrusion Detection System is a collective effort to discover patterns in hacker attacks on firewalls.
Hacker's e-zine.

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