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I believe this link exchange will be good for search engine positioning as well as sharing a quality traffic between programmers.

Use this link exchange form to submit your URL to my links page. All requests will be reviewed quickly. Please provide the entire URL where we I can find your link to my website. Your request will be rejected, if you fail to provide a link to my site.

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My link-exchange policy requires you first to add my websites to your list and only then I can add yours. Here's all the necessary information for reciprocal links:

URL: http://www.eboris.com
Title: eBoris | Computer programmer and computer consultant specializing in custom software development.
Description: Internet services, web site design, web programming, software development, flash design.

URL: http://www.borisbord.com
Title: .Net Programmer B. Bord
Description: Computer programmer and computer consultant specializing in custom software development.

Internet Services
Internet Structure
Internet Other
Web Programming
Cascading Style Sheets
Tcl/Tk Programming
Journals and Magazines
Other PC-Related
Security Issues

Journals and Magazines

"News for Nerds" is the tagline. It's dead-on, but doesn't express the quality and accessibility of this source.
Linux-oriented online journals.
Information Technology at IU
News pages for IU IT.
Intelligent Enterprise
Web outpost for a magazine on RDBMS.
Barnes & Noble Computer Books
The starting point for computer books on B&N at up to 40% discounts.
The Industry Standard
Exciting new industry rag for the Internet.
Linux Journal
Check out the Best of Technical Support columns!
Linux Magazine
A recent addition to Linux periodicals.
Online LINUX journal.
Unix Guru Universe
A focal point for Unix administrators. Includes a search engine on UNIX topics.
Visual C++ Developer's Journal
New journal online and in print for VC++ solutions.
Dedicated to JavaScript and Dynamic HTML.
A different perspective on hacking.
Web Developer.com
Sophisticated library, news and reviews on web development.
Web Techniques
Online outpost of the hard copy magazine.
A business oriented magazine.
Computer underground Digest WWW Site
A weekly newsletter of news and discussion of legal and social issues related to computer culture.
Digital Espresso
An e-zine dedicated to Java information.
Microsoft Personal Computing
A magazine format promotion of the potential in the products most users already own.
A promotional 'zine of Netscape Press.
Microprocessor Report
This online promo contains somewhat dated material to encourage purchase of an active subscription, but even though it may be dated it is still useful and informative. Very technically oriented.
Ziff-Davis' HUGE PC/Software/Internet/Telecomm/Etc. site.

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