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I believe this link exchange will be good for search engine positioning as well as sharing a quality traffic between programmers.

Use this link exchange form to submit your URL to my links page. All requests will be reviewed quickly. Please provide the entire URL where we I can find your link to my website. Your request will be rejected, if you fail to provide a link to my site.

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My link-exchange policy requires you first to add my websites to your list and only then I can add yours. Here's all the necessary information for reciprocal links:

URL: http://www.eboris.com
Title: eBoris | Computer programmer and computer consultant specializing in custom software development.
Description: Internet services, web site design, web programming, software development, flash design.

URL: http://www.borisbord.com
Title: .Net Programmer B. Bord
Description: Computer programmer and computer consultant specializing in custom software development.

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Central Indiana Linux Users Group.
A site to help users adopt Linux.
Linux Documentation Project
The primary directory source for all things Linux.
A Linux news site ran by VA Research.
Linux International
A Linux professional association.
A links list to Linux articles and information from Sm@rt Reseller.
Release site for open source software.
Compiling Apache
An article by Linux World on compiling and customizing the Internet's most popular web server software.
Online LINUX journal.
Unix Resources
Sponsored by www.unix.org.
Linux Gazette
A member of the Linux Documentation Project which provides many useful resources.
Linux Journal
Check out the Best of Technical Support columns!
Linux World
New Linux web 'zine.
Apache HTTP Server Project
A public domain web server designed by web site administrators.
Linux VAR Home Page
A site for Linux Value-Added Resellers.
Linux Online
Numerous companies offering complete Linux systems.

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